Exchange Office in the Centre of Prague with favourable exchange rate without taxes 0% commission

VIP card with the most favorable rate of exchange

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VIP card owners have the option to trade any amount for VIP course.

This course is very convenient with by comparing with the basic rate.

How do I get a VIP card?

  • I'll change at least the amount in the value of 30.000 CZK
  • do I get a VIP coupon and I'll change the minimum value 3.000 CZK
  • for the Exchange and receive VIP card

VIP coupon for the most advantageous course for Exchange

kupon The presentation of this coupon entitles its owner to get a V.I.P. card to buy or sell currencies in the Exchange-Broadway Change for this condition: the amount for the Exchange exceeds the minimum value 3.000 CZK for the Exchange 150 USD or 100 EUR

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